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Vedic Trend Tattoo - The Best Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Is In Trend

Tattoo shop in Bangalore. exclusive tattoo service at affordable prices. You will enjoy a tattoo.

Getting your first tatto can be one of the best experiences of your life.

The best way to find tattoo shops near me is to find an artist who is reputable. Reputable tatto artists will usually have their own tatto shop on-site where they can perform tattos.

Tattoo artist, tattoo machine holding in tattoo shop.


It is important for us to understand the meanings behind the diverse types of designs that exist. Tattoos have a rich history and a deep meaning, so you should know about their history and background.

You can use an intricate and detailed image, representing the strength of your tribal design.

Whenever we talk about tattoos, we must remember-

Three basic components make up an ink tattoo: the skin, the ink, and the machine. Quality equipment remains important, even with improved machines. A general rule of thumb is to stay away from unapproved ink, bleach, and mercury.

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🎉 Welcome to Inked Artistry, your go-to destination for stunning tattoo art in Bangalore North! 💪✨ We pride ourselves on being the ultimate tattoo haven, providing top-notch services since 2011. With a team of talented artists and a dedication to creating beautiful designs, we ensure an unforgettable experience for all tattoo enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-expression with us! 🎨🖌️

The practice of getting a Vedic tattoo is common in South Asia, especially among Hindus. It is because cultures are rooted in the history and traditions of their countries.

The popularity of tattoos has been increasing over the past few years, and for good reason. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this form of body art. Also, tattoos and what they mean vary with every new trend.

There are some Vedic tatto designs that depict natural features, such as mountains or rivers. Other designs include religious symbols, such as lotus flowers or the Om symbol,

which are religious symbols. As well as geometric patterns, Vedic tattoos feature celestial animals. It is highly recommended that those who wish to get a Vedic tattoo take into consideration their personal beliefs before getting one.

Man with also ganesha Tattoos
Girl with owl tattoo

Vedic Trend tattoo running is a tattoo shop in Bangalore. The best tattoo service provided for valuable customers since 2013.

In 2014, our studio was in need of a new look and feel to match the modern lifestyle of Bangalore. We looked to the best and the brightest. The young talented and creative team is led by Vishal.

The shop provides a complete tattoo service, for all types of body art. We specialize in traditional as well as bold designs. Our designers have the perfect blend of Indian as well as International tattoo styles.

They are constantly training and getting certified, to make sure they give their best to their clients.

We at Vedic Trend Tattoo believe that every design has its own story to tell. Each tattoo has a soul, we live to capture it.

The effect of tattooing on the body depends on the type of tattoo and its shape. A tattoo can be either a symbolic decoration or it can be an accessory.

Tattoo Artist at Work

Innovative Tattoo Designs for every mood.

Our designs are bold and dynamic, we don’t shy away from the color. We do not believe that tattoo is one of a kind,

We aim to let the clients choose the color that suits them best Vedic Trend Tattoo aims to be a trendsetter in tattoos, and provide a quality service with a unique design that can cater to every type of tattoo.

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Opening Hours

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 10pm
Sat: 10am - 10pm
Sun: 10am - 10pm

Find Your Perfect Tattoo Artist

Each tattooist at Vedic Trend Tattoo works closely with clients to create body art based on their ideas, but they also offer direction and cultural insight. We think you should choose an artist based on how well their aesthetic matches your particular requirements. With us, you may get the tattoo of your dreams. Get in touch right away!

Dragon color full Tattoo on hand

Color Sleeves

                                                    Sleeve Colors
Let us help you get a new tattoo right where you want it. As long as you tell us what to do, we can handle it.

Although there are several tattoo parlors and piercing establishments in the Bengaluru region, there is only one Vedic Trend Tattoo.

We anticipate gaining your confidence and producing.

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A quote from Sanskrit

स्वस्मै स्वल्पं समाजाय सर्वस्वं।

There should be a little bit for yourself in addition to everything that can be done for others!

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Word on the Street

Such a friendly tattoo artist, if anyone confused in selection of tattoo then visit him he will suggest the best design which is suitable. Very nice shop and reasonable cost. Go for it. I m happy with this tattoo and his service.

Pb Archana4689

Excellent work by vishal , I went there for tattoo removal and he did a wonderful job and it started fading in 3 sessions .Highly recommend this place.

raju kavanoor

The best place to remove your tattoo in Bangalore. I was unhappy with my tattoo, after so much of research i found this shop. Vishal is such a professional tattoo artist as well as experienced in tattoo removal too. He suggested me how the process goes and they have well organised lazer equipments.. Finally happy with the result... Worth the pain and reasonable price.

This was my 2nd tattoo. After much deliberation decided to try a new artist and hence landed at Vedic Tattoo studio. I had the initial shiva tatto design which I intended to do. Both of us sat together for almost one and half hour and finally decided on the picture after lot of editing.

Then began the inking process which took another 6 hours. Organic colours and imported needles were used which was shown to me before inking.The kind of detailing which was done by Vishal was mind blowing. The shading on the face , colour combination was truly great.

Not to mention his artistic skills. Last but not the least the patience with which he worked meticulously shows in the end product. Highly recommended without a shred of doubt and TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY Keep up the good work Vishal and thanks a ton for the wonderful tattoo

wonderful artist Vishal sir has made my day by his mind blowing tattoo work to me🥰🥰.. best tattoo artist in Bangalore I'm gonna suggest this fabulous artist to my friends and family to get tattoo by Vishal sir, guys be ready to get best tattoo at Vedic trend tattoo..🥰🥰🥰.. I'm happy that I met a talented person today who gave me customised tattoo,, Thank you soo much sir..

Tédñòñs rocks
*****6 days ago

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