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6. Tattoo Aftercare

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Aftercare is an essential part of the tattooing process to ensure the tattoo heals correctly and looks its best.

"Om with unalome tattoo" "Elephant tattoo" "Butterfly tattoo" "Dolphin Tattoo" for girls back neck
"Om with unalome tattoo" "Elephant tattoo" "Butterfly tattoo""Dolphin Tattoo "

Tattoo shops should provide customers with detailed instructions on how to care for their tattoo after it has been completed.

"Rare" "Rose Tattoo Cover-up" "Putti tattoo on shoulder" on neck hand and shoulder
"Rare" "Rose Tattoo Cover-up" "Putti tattoo on shoulder"

7. Tattoo Removal:

While tattoos are meant to be permanent, some customers may change their minds and want them removed.

"Unalome Om Tattoo" "Lotus Tattoo" "Unalome Lotus Tattoo"
"unalome om tattoo" "Lotus Tattoo" "unalome lotus tattoo"

Tattoo shops should offer tattoo removal services that use safe and effective methods to remove tattoos without causing damage to the skin.

"Phonies Tattoo" "Eagle Tattoo" "Infinity With Feather Tattoo" on hand and chest
"Phonies Tattoo" "Eagle Tattoo" "Infinity With Feather Tattoo"

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