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Getting a tattoo - a step-by-step guide

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As a new tattooer, it is best to start by getting a sense of what the tattoo should look like before you begin the process. Using a Tattoo Pencil is the only way to get a better grasp of the design and enable you to make a more detailed sketch.

Couple tattoo on hand small wings
Couple tattoo on hand wings

Phoenix tattoo on hand tribal small circle
Phoenix tattoo

You can either draw your design on paper or use the Tattoo Pencil to do so. Using a Tattoo Pencil is just like using a felt tip pen, as it makes it easy to outline the design and get a better sense of its shape and details. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you are ready to start working. If you wish to keep your skin clean, you should begin by cleaning it and/or lightly exfoliating it.

"Honey" tattoo on girl breast upper
"Honey" tattoo on girl chest

Dad tattoo on girl hand with arrow and heart
Dad tattoo on hand

Elephant Tattoo on girl hand with small heart
Elephant tattoo

By doing so, you will be able to draw dirt and oil away from your skin, making it easier to keep it clean. After exfoliation and clean skin, you should apply a base such as Caudal Tone Balm or White Tea Seed Oil. Your tattoo will still look clean and professional after several washes if these things are used.

couple tattoo on hand
Couple tattoo

Choosing the right tattoo shop can be difficult when there are so many different types available in Bangalore. Here are some tips to help you find the right one. If you are unsure whether you want to come in for a conventional tattoo or if you wish to have a guest tattoo on you, it is very important that you schedule a walk-in appointment with the tattoo artist. However, walk-ins are usually restricted to experienced artists only, so always ask about the requirements before making a visit. Tattoo Shops - Some shops allow you to come inside with a guest. However, not all shops will allow you to do so. Consider this when you are looking for a shop; whether you want to go inside first or whether you would prefer to go outside first.

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